Our Cloud Platform saves you money, and the environment!

  • Reduced Cost

    We can offer twice the CPU power and up to 3 times more server memory and better storage for the same price range!

    The cost savings running on dedicated Cloud vs. a typical dedicated server can be up to 300% right from the start.
  • Reduced Downtime

    Using our Cloud platform, the upgrades of memory, CPU, and storage are instant and require little or NO downtime.
  • Scalability

    With our Cloud solution, there are virtually no limits on how much power, space and memory you may need. For example, we can easily multiply your CPU power by 4 times within couple of minutes of your request!
  • Reliability / High Availability+++

    Not only that our offered disk storage is protected by RAID 10 (best protection and performance) but we also have redundant chassis including: power supplies/fans, redundant UPS devices and diesel generators (in event of power failure).
  • Improved Performance

    All of our platforms are designed using the latest available enterprise level hardware which includes super-fast RAID10 storage systems, faster memory, and optimized for power CPU architecture. We are able to offer a scalable architecture with performance increase of 2-3x times in comparison with a typical dedicated server within the same price range.
  • Instant Reboots

    With us you are provided with an instant reboot tool which you can use to restart your server in seconds. This is most important especially if for any reason your service is down.
  • Environmentally Friendly

    By utilizing our Cloud, you help to save the environment. Every day old PCs and servers are being dumped, producing excessive waste and polluting the Earth. Utilizing a Cloud not only reduces the overall power consumption which reduces the emission pollution, but also reduces the pollution caused by electronic components which can not be recycled and degraded.

    Save the Earth, go Cloud!
  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

    Since the Cloud provides features such as instant upgrades, automatic monitoring, etc. - your total downtime for maintenance can be reduced by 50% in comparison with other dedicated server solutions.
  • Reduced Administration Cost and Efforts

    (Managed Service) Utilizing faster and more stable architecture leads to less administration efforts and reduced operation cost. Faster CPU, more memory, and faster/bigger storage leads to time/cost reduction of 30-40%.
  • 24x7 Resource Monitoring

    (Monitor Resource Usage)In addition to other advantages outlined - all of our Cloud servers include FREE resource and uptime monitoring. If something goes wrong and requires attention, we will be the first one to know!

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